Survival guide: How to Survive Your Partners Family

I have had the pleasure of being with my boyfriend for a period of two years. During that time, I’ve gained a new aspect in our relationship, his family. In addition to his mother and father, I have met 20 uncles, 30 Aunts and 100 cousins (over exaggerating of course but there is a lot of them).You would think that all this time in would mean I was  comfortable with being around them right? Yeah, that's a no for me dog. It's never easy recalling names or moments from a large family.

I have a very small family circle. Both in terms of numbers and closeness. I have a slightly bigger number of close friends, meaning it's easier for him to know and remember their names. When it comes to meeting new members of his family, it doesn't help that I'm quiet around people I don’t really know. I am sure their opinions of me is a bit skewed. During those times, I have picked up several survival tips when meeting hanging or talking to my boyfriend’s large family. Let us begin:

  1. Always introduce yourself by name (Not as a girlfriend or partner).  I personally think it’s important to establish an identify as more than just a girlfriend, or partner.

  2. Don’t try to sell yourself to them (Be yourself). Look, I'm a firm believer in " What you see is what you get". I don’t have time to keep up with whatever representative I put forth in the beginning. If I'm quiet around you now, that will not change much once we get to know each other.

  3. Try to like, know, and/or get friendly with at least one member of the family. It makes events like family cookouts, dinners and weekend vacations become a little better. At least you'll have one other person you can talk to besides your significant other.

  4. Make sure your boyfriend, partner or spouse understands that whether or not his/her family likes you, will not be a friction in your relationship. I never knew how important this bit of reassurance was until it was said. A family member opinion on you holds no bearings to the outcome of your relationship. Once you know this, a weight can be lifted on your shoulders.

  5. Do not let your boyfriend tell you what his family has said about while you weren't around. Good or bad, this leaves room for uneasy feelings and it's not worth it. Don’t ask, and he won't tell.

Okay all that’s all I’ve got. If you know any survival tips that you want to share with the world, Drop a comment below.