Peace in Being Still

I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for the things we do, the things we have done or the things we push ourselves to accomplish. On the flip side, maybe we speak things into existence until the things we want begin to manifest. When I tell people the places I’ve traveled and the things I’ve done in my short time here on earth, I remember a time when I would say these things in hopes that someday they would come true. Now that they’ve actually happened, it’s like okay where to next, what do I do next, what accomplishment do I accomplish next? ….and here begins our conversation. Why do we down play our successes and/or our milestones? We do this especially if are achievements are aren’t where we want to be as of yet. I have a lot of friends that seem to doing great in life. However, every time I talk to them they want to be doing more, making more, and pushing harder; and that’s great. I’m not saying to be complacent or not to progress in life, but when do we stop and appreciate the peace of the stillness. When do we stop and appreciate the place we are now before we move forward? To me, the need for “more” is like a high. When you feel like you’re not furthering yourself the way you want to, you go through what I call “withdrawals”. These withdrawals can leave you depressed, anxious, nervous and just leaves your soul tired. People who have this need for “more” can’t appreciate the peace of the still moments.

There will be few moments in life where you can appreciate limbo (the in-between space), where you can appreciate the moment of peacefulness. For instance, with my weight loss journey; my friend and I have lost a combined about 25 pounds. But, we down play it because it’s not the 40 we want. Another instance is my education. I have my master’s degree, I recently purchased a home, I own my own car but I still feel like I could be doing more or better. Maybe own another house or get my P.H.D. Why is it that I can’t just be kind to myself and say “Good job Dina!”  Or “You did it and I am proud of you and I love you”. Nope, I’m more like “Do more, reach higher, break more barriers.” I’m remarking again that I am not alone in these feelings, which means, neither are you. These feelings aren’t bad. It’s great to strive for more and want more for yourself, but when it’s getting in the way of your happiness, you may need to take a minute and enjoy the peace of the stillness. I want to end this post by saying: I’m not sure what the solution is, but I know that there has to be a healthier way to live in a space and be okay with being there for a minute. We have to learn to appreciate the journey and appreciate the peace. If things are not moving as fast as you would like, or if you’re in a space where you feel like you aren’t progressing or that you are not doing the “more” that you need, be patient. Life has a way of moving you whether you want to be moved or not. Enjoy being still because it won’t last long and when it’s over you will wish that you had the peace of the stillness.