22 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

Being in a funk and experiencing major depression disorder are two different things. Now, I am NOT saying the two have to be placed in separate boxes, I AM saying that you can have one without the other.  So for some information, here is the Criteria for Major Depressive disorder according to the Diagnostic statistical manual:

Major Depressive Disorder Symptoms (MDD):

Symptoms of a major depressive episode include the following:

  1. Depressed mood

  2. Anhedonia (diminished loss of interest or pleasure in almost all activities)

  3. Significant weight or appetite disturbance

  4. Sleep disturbance

  5. Psychomotor agitation or retardation (a speeding or slowing of muscle movement)

  6. Loss of energy or fatigue

  7. Feelings of worthlessness (low self-esteem)

  8. Diminished ability to think, concentrate and make decisions

  9. Recurrent thoughts of death, dying or suicide

  10. Longstanding interpersonal rejection ideation

  11. Specific suicide plan; suicide attempt

The episode must:

  • Be at least two week’s long

  • Cause significant distress or severely impact social, occupational or other important life areas

  • Not be precipitated by drug use

  • Not meet the criteria for another mental disorder like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

  • Not be better explained by bereavement (such as the loss experienced after a death)

  • Major depressive disorder can be rated mild, moderate or severe

With being in a funk, you may be feeling SOME of these things, but you are still able to function normally in your everyday life.

DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing symptoms close to MDD, please seek attention from a licensed mental health professional. For those who feel they are more in a funk please continue reading the article below:

Okay, so why is this important? BECA-- USE I WAS IN A FUNK! Here are 22 things that worked for me.

  1. Working out

  2. Getting dressed up for the day (Make up, a cute outfit and shoes that kill)

  3. Watching Law & Order (TV series) or Monk (TV series)

  4. Getting out of the city (Vacation anyone?)

  5. Talking to friends that just LISTEN.

  6. Working out!!!!! (I know it’s on here twice)

  7. Eating Famous Amos Cookies. (or any cookie that you love)

  8. Sleeping and walking outside. (Sunshine changes lives and dreams lets you create them)

  9. Sex! (Whether it’s by yourself or with someone else)

  10. Watching a sad movie (Misery loves company lol)

  11. Going to the movies (Sweats, popcorn and a funny movie = Winning)

  12. Cuddling up with a pet (whether he wants to or not)

  13. Doing mindless things like Tetris and Snake on my phone (Good ol’ phone games)

  14. Vision board (Think about what you want in the next month or next week)

  15. Healing stones (I got Amethyst and Black Tourmaline)

  16. Talk therapy (sometimes you need to talk to someone who can’t tell your business)

  17. Writing (Get it out of your soul and on to paper!)

  18. Cleaning (Having things in order helps when you feel like everything else is chaos)

  19. Singing old songs that you love (shout out to Destiny’s Child for getting me through)

  20. Read a raunchy book (Zane or Sylvia Day will do quite nicely)  

  21. Cook a fancy meal (I made a whole bunch of cheese sandwiches but that’s just me lol)

  22. Take a deep breath and remember that a bad few weeks doesn’t equal a bad life.

Everyone has something that works for them. These things just happened to work for me. If you have something that works for you that’s not on the list leave a comment and help someone else.