How to Protect Your Energy at Work

I’m a social worker. My work week, as of now has comprised of: my co-workers coming to work and  not doing a damn. My co-workers coming in late at least 3 times a week. And my co-workers complaining about how much work they have, and trying to pass the work they didn’t do to another social worker.  Point is, it makes for a shitty work environment and the morale has becomes low. We Are all tired of the bullshit. However, none of these things directly affect me. I’m actually in a pretty good space in terms of my work load and my work day. It’s really my other social workers complaining to me about all the ish that’s going on that leaves a trail of dark energy in my wake. The purpose of this post is to provide some ways on protecting your energy at work. So this post is as much for me as it is for you. Let’s begin:

  1. Worry about yourself. At times it may be hard not engage in gossip at work. We all do it right? Here’s the thing, STOP. Put these thoughts into perspective: “Will my money be effected? Does this hurt my friends or family? Will I remember this in 5 days?”  If you’ve answered ‘No’ to all the questions posed, worry about yourself.

  2. Block ‘em. That’s right, block some of your co-workers. Not just stand in their way when you see them coming (not that literal), but in terms of social media and any way it does not seem conducive to your work environment. One of my co-workers always messages us pics of her and her cats. She is also one of the ones that send a message in the morning stating she’s late or she’s not coming. Can we say BLOCKED! Self-care people, self-care.

  3. No new friends. Stop making friends with people at work. Get your check and take your b-u-t-t home.

  4. Positive vibes. Create a positive work space. Print out affirmations, add a wax candle melt and do things that leaves a positive vibe.  

  5. Remember who you are. I know, very “Black Panther” but it’s true! Remember who you are, a queen, a king, a boss-ass bitch etc.

  6. #Selfcheck. Ask yourself, Why am I here? Do I want to work somewhere else? If you’re there because of the following: climbing the latter, job opportunities, or they’ve offered to pay for your education; then I understand why you’re trying to thug it out, but if it’s just a check to you then maybe a change of scenery will do you some good.

  7. Use those vacation days! If you have vacation days and you haven’t used them in 6 years….I need to know WHY! Use them! They are yours, you’ve earned them. Job loyalty will have you burnt out and tired. Take a vacation, you deserve it.

  8. Head up, ears closed. Stop listening to the complaints of your co-workers. They will complain and feel so much lighter. You, on the other hand, will be left with all the negative energy.

  9. Keep your complaints. Stop complaining to your co-workers.I get it, it helps with the release of all that negative energy. But it also transfers it to other people and labels you as the work place gossiper. No one wants to be labeled as a negative Nancy, or loose lip Lacey. Talk to your friends at happy hour, after work.

  10. Change for the better. Last but not least, talk to your boss about a change if you’re job allows that environment.

If you have any tips, please share, like and drop a comment below!