The Eff-It Diet

“You are not alive just to pay bills and lose weight.” - @Thefuckitdiet.

This quote literally rocked my whole spirit. As women, we do so much to strive for these ideas of health, the perfect body or the perfect weight/size. We are willing to do so much! Personally, I have tried some off the wall stuff that probably would have had me on the other side of life to reach my idea of a perfect weight, size or body.

Losing weight is a difficult tasks and so to fit the ideal weight, I tried to get the weight loss medication Phentermine prescribed to me but my doctor would not do it. So, I went and got some pills from a friend who got them prior to her weight loss surgery and didn’t need them anymore. On top of that, I’ve tried diet pills fad diets, starving, working out, trainers, group fitness everything short of cutting the fat off with a pair scissors and almost tried crack (which I thought about but decided it would be to expensive). Shoot, right now I'm doing the Keto diet (most effective for me, hopefully I don’t die).

The first time I read “The fuck it diet” quote, for a moment my brain surged with energy. I’ve seen these same words weaved in different formats, like “You weren’t born to pay bills and die” so forth and so on. But this quote truly whispered a secret to the 12-year-old DMD who desperately wanted to be thin so she could fit into all the cute clothes. The quote unerringly was saying:

“Stop it! this is not what you were put on this Earth to do”.  

It made me stop and think. Conversations about weight loss, in actuality, fill my day at least 40 percent of the time. Whether it’s talking with my friends about it, the emails I get in losing weight or even complements “Hey girl, you look good. You losing weight!?” This shit is fucking everywhere. The idea of weight loss is an actual plague on the female society and has been this way for quite some time. Then, on top of thinking about the psychological warfare society is having on us women with this weight loss shit, I started to think about how unfair and unjust I’ve been with my own body for years! I have been trying to reach whatever idea I have of the perfect body since the 3rd or 4th grade. I have tried to do right by my body but obviously me doing all these things to make it look more acceptable to me is me causing self-harm. This was messing up my body up physically and mentally. I am constantly telling my body that it's strong and beautiful and that I love it but at the same time I'm popping pills (phentermine, caffeine etc.) with no bottles, no labels and no directions for the promise of weight loss. I’m not saying that this new found revelation is going to change my entire view on my body and weight loss, not entirely and not so fast. I want every woman out there to be aware that they are not alone when it comes to body ideals. Comment below if you can relate or if you’ve done anything crazy to lose a few pounds.