About ME

Welcome to my blog! Black Girl Magic is Real and I’m Living Proof:

My life is nothing but chaotic remarkableness. I can barely keep up with it. Some days I think cameras should just follow me around so I can hallmark this for all eternity, but alas, this blog will have to do.  People should know that there’s Black girl magic and it isn’t limited, it isn’t bound and it’s everywhere. What better place for people to see than here on my website: classicallydmd.com. The journey of blog begins when I started accepting the challenge of life. My origin story is unique due to my upbringing.

I am a Black woman with immigrant parents, and, as if that weren’t kick ass enough, I’m a vegetarian! If this were the 1990’s I probably would’ve been a Black Panther. I love my family and friends. My boyfriend and I are one of those cute couples (And it annoys the hell out of me!!!!!). I’m a social worker, which is practically a superhero in my book. I travel a lot and have been on a health kick for longer than I can remember. Though, I do have a sugar addiction which I really need to taper down *seriously*.

If you want to know what you have to look forward to in this blog…in the words of Toni Morrison: “My life is DOPE and I do DOPE shit.”